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Monitor Controller McOne from NOS

Quality and design for your studio monitoring – McONE!

NOS recently released their first Monitor Controlling unit McOne. Assembled from quality parts in a nice desktop box, with common monitoring functions McONE does not change the sound due to its passive design.


There are no active parts at all and no power supply. Balanced ¼'' TRS sockets on the back panel provide easy connections to your sources and studio monitoring system. A big Volume knob on a carefully selected potentiometer gives a pleasant operational feeling.

McOne has a target MSRP of 439,- USD (approx. 330,- EUR).


  • 3 input
  • 3 output
  • Balanced ¼'' TRS connections to sources and monitoring system
  • Stereo/Mono switch
  • Mute/Unmute switch
  • All Passive, no power supply needed
  • Compact desktop enclosure


Technical Specifications

  • Input impedance         10kOhm
  • Output impedance      5-10kOhm (Depends on your monitor impedance)
  • Dimension                   Wx19.4mm Dx15.2mm Hx8.8mm

German "Studio Magazin" on the NOS MOne


Read below what highly reputated "Studio Magazin" think about the MOne Mic Preamp (german).

MOne All FET Discrete Mic Pre & DI


The brand new MOne All FET Discrete Mic Pre & DI!


  • All FET discrete, class-A mic preamplifier and DI
  • State of the art X-former IN – X-former OUT
  • Tube-like sound
  • Gain and Level selection for maximum tonal variety
  • Twin-topology Mic Preamp & Hi-Z Instrument DI
  • Dual Gain Stages
  • Discrete JFET DI with 2.2M ohm Ultra Hi-Z impedance
  • 70dB+ of gain, +48V Phantom, Pad(-20dB), Phase Invert
  • Two passive High Pass filters, 40Hz and 80Hz
  • LED pick indicator
  • Rack-Mountable design for Studio, Desktop or Stage
  • Front Panel Hi-Z Input (switched from Mic automatically via Jack Detect)
  • Rear Panel XLR Mic Input and XLR Line Output
  • Universal Internal Power Supply
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Construction

    Technical Specifications:

    Microphone (Female XLR)
    Unbalanced Instrument (1/4" jack) (D.I.) on front panel

    Balanced Line (Male XLR)

    Type All FET Discrete Microphone Preamplifier & DI Box


    High Pass Filter
    40Hz or 80Hz passive

    Maximum Power Consumption
    160mA @120VAC

    Power Requirements

    448mm x 45mm x 305mm

    5.25 lb


    Mic Input Impedance
    300 ohms

    Hi-Z Input Impedance
    2.2M ohms

    Internal Output Impedance
    600 ohms


    Mic Range
    12 ~ 70 dBu

    Maximum Mic Input Level Gain @ 1% THD
    -7 dBu +8 dBu w/pad

    Maximum Hi-Z Input Level Gain Min 1% THD
    +8 dBu

    Maximum Output Level into 600 ohms
    +23 dBu

    Maximum Output Level into 100k ohms
    +28 dBu

    Frequency Response:

    Mic Frequency Response
    20Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.2 dBu

    Hi-Z Frequency Response
    20Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.2 dBu

    Min THD+Noise @ +4dBU
    0.1% tube 0.005% solid-state

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